Morris Z Van Restoration

Hello. My name is Ian Ferguson and I bought this 1948 Morris GPO van as a project from Craner Classics this summer.

If you want some background info as to how I find myself owning a piece of transport history:

I grew up in a mining town in the north East of England. My father was an engineer and although I don’t have any recognised technical qualifications, he basically put me through an apprenticeship and taught me everything I know about engineering. It just seemed as though all of my past history has prepared me for the project I now find myself on and even though it’s years since I worked on this type of vehicle, I found that once I started working on the van, the knowledge I’d gained all those years ago came flooding back.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this project and my aim is to get the van up to MOT standard.

I’ve been doing a bit of a diary for the work carried out on the van and have attached it for you to have a look at. Hope it’s of use, I’ve also attached another couple of photos for you to have a look at.

One is of a wheel that I’ve scraped back to bare metal ready to paint and the other is of the inside of the van with the floor panels removed and it does show that by lifting the floor panels, it does make access to the mechanics of the van so much easier.

I’ve started sending the leaf springs away to be re-tempered and refurbished (one done, three to do). New tyres have been ordered and the speedometer has been sent away for recalibration. The steering box will be going away shortly for a complete overhaul (it’s completely shot). All of the electrics have been checked and the only thing that I’m not sure is working is the front fog light, everything else electrical is as it should be, headlights, side lights, brake lights, horn all working.

All of the floor panels inside the van have been taken out, cleaned and repainted. The seats are away getting reupholstered in brown leather (I couldn’t stand that green check material any longer!).

I have noticed that one of the prop shaft bolts had sheared and the rest of the bolts that attach it to the gearbox were loose; new bolts are on order and will be here shortly.

Even though I’ve only had the van for six weeks, there has been major progress made in getting the van back to MOT standard. I’m hoping to have this all ready for next spring, ready for the start of the rally and show season. Thoroughly enjoying working on the van and it is behaving itself impeccably. The last thing I’ll be doing is a repaint.

I found out that my local motorist discount shop has a massive stock of old parts for many old cars (mine included), I only found out when I was buying the oil and filters for my car and asked if he had a wiper blade for the van and that’s when he told me he had two floors of old parts, so that was a real goldmine to find.

Next instalment coming soon!

Riley 4/72 Coming This Weekend

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming availability for sale of a stunning bright red Riley which we shoud have polished and photographed by the weekend. Anyone wishing for first refusal – which means a call as soon as it goes live on the site, should contact us now on 07806 693 878.

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Arriving Soon!

Craner Classics are delighted to announce the readiness for sale of our fabulous 1985 Ferrari Mondiale, and it’s vibrant Corsa Rossa red too.  Anyone wanting first refusal should call us right now. We will have photographed the car by the weekend.

Also in the pipeline is a fantastically preserved Wolseley 16/60 in Blue and Old English White which, weather permitting, we will have photographed in time for the weekend. Again, interested parties are encouraged to call to arrange a viewing as these increasingly rare cars don’t hang around for long!

New Site Under Construction – Beware Of Wonky Objects

Welcome to the Craner Classics news feed, where normally we like to inform first-time visitors and regulars alike about cars that are soon to go on sale.  However, right now our fast-ageing site is falling behind the times, so is undergoing its own nut-and-bolt restoration. That explains the mess at the moment. But bear with us, the transformation will be stunning!

In the meantime, we urge you to take a look at what is probably the car we at Craner Classics are bast known for selling – a remarkably well-kept Humber Sceptre in cream over coffee.

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