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mayflower sold

Triumph Mayflower

The car contains all of its original showroom brochures, lots of manuals, and stacks of service records (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS)

This particular Triumph contains its original interior, which looks excellent. The paintwork has a deep all-over shine which really does complement the car’s interior, which still features its original lettering around the switch controls.


Product Description

Here we have a stunning Triumph Mayflower first registered 20.04.1953,  Chassis no. TT31139DL

The car contains all of its original showroom brochures, lots of manuals, and stacks of service records (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS)

This particular Triumph contains its original interior, which looks excellent. The paintwork has a deep all-over shine which really does complement the car’s interior, still featuring its original lettering around the switch controls.

This Mayflower is certainly a great example – this is one of the rare survivors in such excellent condition, especially as Triumph Mayflowers have now become such extremely rare specimens, with just a handful remaining. The Mayflower was once considered the poor man’s Rolls Royce.

The car’s chrome work is excellent and sets off the overall appearance of the vehicle. This is an excellent example mechanically too, with a very smooth column gear change and driving faultlessly with a very tight feel.

Still containing all its original service records as I mentioned, the car has had lots of money spent throughout its life and has been maintained to an excellent standard through its very careful ownership. What a pleasure it would be for you to add to your collection and surely a talking piece with this history file – a rare survivor.

1953 Triumph Mayflower par 752

Previous Owners

  • registered 20th April 1953 to Norman Frank Warren, Three Counties Hospital, Bedfordshire
  • registered 21st July 1953 to William JJ Stevens, 114 Laceby Road, Grimsby
  • registered 29th July 1954 to Arthur Nicolas Danby, 30 Wellholm Avenue, Grimsby
  • registered 8th March 1973 to Thomas Simpson, New Main Road, Scamblesby, Lincolnshire
  • registered 14th August 2017 to Michael Bray, Goulcby House, Goulcby, Lincolnshire


Mr. Simpson brought the car from Mr. Danby in December 1972. The car was still in running order, in good condition, and still in daily use by Mr. Danby, although he was by then retired. It has been the family car since bought in 1953. It was also Mr Danby’s last car since he was well into his eighties and giving up driving. It has been used around the Grimsby area primarily and with the usual holiday trips from time to time, Torquay being a favourite destination. The test drive around Grimsby went fine, despite it pelting down with rain and the Grimsby traffic to contend with. I do not recollect my father actually driving it before purchase and it was the last time Mr Danby drove a car. I do recollect Mr Danby disappearing to consult his wife about the offer. On returning he said is there any chance of springing a fiver old boy? My farther duly obliged and that was that.

On getting it back to Scamblesby  it was soon apparent that the hills of the Lincolnshire wolds were a different ball game powerwise to the flat streets of Grimsby. My father then proceeded to sort the engine out, and I believe also fitted a new clutch. It was then put into use. Generally used by my mother for local journeys until it was last MOT’d in January 1974. I do know that the Triumph, along with various old Wolseleys we had then, was not used in the winter months. At that time I think you still could tax cars for four months. Being in the motor trade there were other cars available for use and so the Triumph, looking back, had surprisingly little use.

Around 1985-6 a friend of mine offered to respray it for my father. The grey paintwork was still in the same flat condition as the day it was bought and polished.

For many years one of Mr Danby’s two sons would call by with their family on their visits home to Grimsby to look at the car and to make sure that all was well.

I sold the car to Michael Bray August 2017 and he then asked me to help him recommission it.

Daniel Simpson, 19th June 2018.

Triumph Mayflower Spares

  • Engine
  • Distributor
  • Gearbox
  • Radiator
  • Radiator grille
  • Carburettor
  • Starter
  • Various electrical items
  • Window glasses
  • Clock and gauges
  • Back axle

Plus various small goodies unearthed all the way.

Work Carried Out In 2016

  • Drain fuel tank
  • 01-Nov-16 changed engine oil XL30, flushed radiator and refilled with Blucol
  • 02-Nov-16 changed spark plugs, cleaned distributor and points
  • 10-Nov-16 removed all road wheels, drums cleaned and brakes lubricated, removed brake master cylinder and strip
  • 15-Nov-16 treated leather with cleaner and renovator
  • 16-Nov-16 dismantled cleaned and refitted interior light
  • 22-Nov-16 repaired horn
  • 25-Nov-16 dismantled both trafficators
  • 27-Nov-16 repaired wiring loom under car
  • 28-Nov-16 refitted trafficators, repaired number plate light, cleaned headlining
  • 02-Dec-16 rebuilt brake master cylinder with all new seals
  • 10-Dec-16 fitted new battery
  • 17-Jan-17 fitted brake master cylinder
  • 08-Feb-17 removed handbrake clevis pins, cleaned, greased linkage & replaced
  • 16-Feb-17 fitted new rear brake cylinders, greased prop shaft, greased hand brake linkage, drained & replaced axle oil Castrol Classic Ep90 1.5 pints, bled rear brakes
  • 24-Feb- replaced o/s front brake wheel cylinders
  • 01-Mar-17 replaced n/s front brake wheel cylinders, bled and adjusted braking system, cleaned brake light switch, replaced brake pedal return spring, adjusted all 4 brakes, greased trunions, greased front hubs, cleaned regulator points, removed and stripped dynamo
  • 02-Mar-17 cleaned dynamo brushes and refitted, still no charge so removed again
  • 15-Mar-17 sent dynamo and control box away for service
  • 01-Apr-17 refitted dynamo and control box, reconnected heater motor, stripped and cleaned carburettor
  • 02-Apr-17 freed off fuel tank sender
  • 10-Apr-17 greased water pump
  • 19-Apr-17 removed fuel pump, stripped and overhauled with new diaphragm and seals, tuned engine
  • 23-Apr-17 removed strip and cleaned carb and retuned
  • 14-May-17 fitted new distributor cap and leads, fitted new coil
  • 15-May-17 lubricated and reconnected radiator blind linkage, ordered carpets from Coversure, fit new points and condenser
  • 16-May-17 set ignition timing
  • 17-May-17 refitted exhaust fan tailpipe
  • 18-May-17 replaced condenser +2
  • 03-Jun-17 replaced choke knob, replaced fan belt
  • 08-Jun-17 fabricated fuel fitter mounting bracket & fitted fuel filter
  • 16-Jul-17 fitted new boot handles
  • 21-Jul-17 fitted new drivers door handle, removed drivers door card and lubricated and wax-oiled, fitted new drivers and pass door handle trims
  • 01-May-18 fitted 4 new B6ES spark plugs, fitted new 8S deg thermostat

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