New Site Under Construction – Beware Of Wonky Objects

Welcome to the Craner Classics news feed, where normally we like to inform first-time visitors and regulars alike about cars that are soon to go on sale.  However, right now our fast-ageing site is falling behind the times, so is undergoing its own nut-and-bolt restoration. That explains the mess at the moment. But bear with us, the transformation will be stunning!

In the meantime, we urge you to take a look at what is probably the car we at Craner Classics are bast known for selling – a remarkably well-kept Humber Sceptre in cream over coffee.

Or if you prefer high-speed cruising, how about our 3.5-litre Rover P6? Big, strong, solid, and in a great Old English White and sumptuous red leather combination, it features the flagship V8 engine so prized for so long through the 1970s and beyond.

And anyone seeking a project for the autumn or just a car they can add value to, we have a much-loved Jowett Bradford in the showroom right now, which won’t need too much care and attention to bring up to pristine condition and is amazingly good fun to drive already!

Or simply browse through our latest offerings here.

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