1934 Morris 10/4




First registered: 1.11.1934
VIN Chassis No.: 35TN38457

The Morris 10/4 was a large family car back in the 1930s, complete with 1300cc sidevalve engine and four-speed manual gearbox. Officially this is a four-door tourer, which were introduced only 12 months previously, so this is a very early model of a car which went on to be produced for another 15 years.

Three months before this car rolled out of the showroom at Cowley in Oxfordshire, Morris had opted to strengthen the 10/4 chassis, engine mountings were upgraded and synchromesh appeared on the gearbox.

To quote Wikipedia, “The Morris Ten was a new class of car for Morris, now equipped with wire wheels and mud guarding—domed wings,” producing 24hp, and equipped with an SU carburettor and state-of-the-art Lockheed hydraulic brakes for responsiveness and ease of driving. The car has also been fitted with modern indicators for safer driving.

This 10/4 is such a well-built solid car – the metal was a lot thicker in those days – and a quick look at the photos of the underside show that this Morris has been extremely well preserved. The car has been fitted with a stainless steel exhaust system for longevity.

The car has a very imposing front end with its large chrome radiator grille and spotlights, great flared wheel arches and long vented bonnet and high roofed cabin. The car also features the Morris radiator emblem with its inbuilt temperature gauge, readable from the driver’s seat!

The engine runs beautifully, and the strong solid gearbox performs very well. The driving controls are near to hand and the quirky oval instrument panel adds to the period feel.

To drive this car is to be transported back to the era of 1930s touring, the interior and ride quality are more like those of a luxury train cabin than a car; very spacious, solid wood trim, deep, well-sprung, comfortable seats, generous suspension, and excellent visibility all round – loads of character throughout.


The car also features a rear privacy blind. The roof lining is immaculate, and the sliding head sunroof adds a whole new dimension to the car’s character. The windscreen winds out for added ventilation.

Other charming touches are the running boards to assist getting in and out of the car and the classic rear-mounted spare wheel which gives the car an unmistakeable early classic appearance from the rear.

Amongst the large and orderly history file is the car’s original cardboard buff logbook, a real piece of history in itself.