1953 Ford Popular Saloon



This car came in a little the worse for wear after many years of disuse, but has only had one former keeper in almost 70 years. When these Ford Populars were launched, they were one of the only affordable new cars, owing to short supply because of the interruption to car production during the war, export controls, and covenants preventing new owners from selling within three years!

This particular Ford Popular rolled out of the factory in 1953, the same year the Ford Popular was launched. Its early provenance can be seen in the rare 3-spoke banjo-type Anglia/Prefect steering wheel, which were used on early models as old stock of the car’s forerunners were used up.

The body was based on the old pre-war Anglias, themselves based on the facelifted Model 7Y, so the car’s design harks back to the 1930s, giving it an upmarket and stylish look.

Car steel in the early 1950s was so thick that the bodywork hasn’t rusted through anywhere, and although the car would greatly benefit from some recommisioning, the panels are very straight and undamaged thanks to a very long period of long-term storage.


The engine has also survived magnificently, running very smooth and clean, the same four-cylinder 1172cc Ford side-valve engine which would power many a Ford for a great many years to come, right through the Mark II version, introduced in 1959.

One of these Ford Pops was reviewed in The Motor magazine as reaching 60mph, quite decent for a 30hp engine, delivering 36mpg, and thanks to the lightweight construction (these Populars weigh less than three-quarters of a ton) the Ford Popuular went on to become much-favoured in British drag car racing.

As can be seen, the car is very close to original condition, with such charming touches as the semaphore indicators and great flared wheel arches – a true classic in every sense.

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