1972 MG Midget Convertible



This is just a gorgeous sports car full stop! The colour combination is perfect, complemented by genuine sporty wire wheels, and all set off with an immaculate cream interior with red piping. Surely one of the best possible colour combinations for these celebrated classics.

This Midget really is the finished article. The panels fit exceedinlgy well, not always the case in older cars, and perfectionists wil be pleased to see the chrome bumpers on this model, which are, like the rest of the car, in superb order. The car is accompanied by a robust history file.

The car has recently been fitted with a brand new hood, one less thing for any buyer to worry about – easeffortless to fold down and back up if need be. Chromework, rubber trim, hood, accessories; everything is in outstandingly good condition.

The engine bay is sparkling clean, and the engine itself, the four-cylinder 1275cc version, runs very smoothly and responsively, and the car is a joy to drive, whether rolling around the village or tearing down country lanes with the roof down. Steering and braking are also sharp.

Drving this Midget honestly makes you glad to be alive. These are so much fun, we don’t doubt it will be snapped up quickly. Midgets in such good condition are very much in demand nowadays.