1972 Triumph TR6




First registered 01.07.1970
VIN Chassis No.: CP516780

This is one of the early TR6s, before they were toned down to meet environmental standards, so it’s the very snappy 150 HP version – a lot of oomph for such a light car. A fine example of one of Triumph’s engineering masterpieces it is.


Already featured in TR Action magazine, the car stands out not only for its classic lines, but also thanks to its petrol injection, silicon plug leads, and of course that gleaming Signal Red paintwork, which led the car to be featured in a 2014 Turtle Wax TV ad campaign.

As the images show, the car is in stunning condition throughout. The panels are ramrod straight, not always the case on Triumphs of this era, and all entirely corrosion-free. The chromework is also immaculate and polished to a high shine. Trims, fixtures, fittings, arches, wheels, tyres – everything is in first-class condition.

The original red band wheels have recently been powder-coated to restore the pristine appearance of the car. These TR6s are widely recognised as a stylish design classic, and this particular example lacks for nothing in terms of looks.

Under the bonnet the 6-cylinder 2.5-litre OHV powerhouse sits in a spotless engine bay, all polished up to show-winning condition. As the original sales pitch ran, “the TR6 is one of those rare cars whose performance lives up to its appearance,” and the low growl emanating from the twin exhausts reminds you of the raw power available when you need it.

The TR6 is probably a more popular car today than it ever was back in the 1970s, they are still as special, even more so, as when British Leyland first proudly unveiled them as a motoring enthusiast’s sports car.

It handles like a sports car as well; steering and brakes are sharp and the engine is responsive with plenty of pull in all the gears. The gearbox itself is a four-speed manual with overdrive, and needless to say performs excellently, with decisive and obedient changes.

The interior boasts plush new carpets and a reassuringly solid walnut dashboard without any cracking or wear, and every one of the sporty dials crystal clear. The push-button period radio adds to the nostalgic feel of this amazing car.

The car is accompanied by an extensive history file of bills and receipts, as well as copies of publications in which it featured.

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