1974 MGB GT V8



VIN Chassis No.: GD2D11752G
First registered: 22.8.1974

This GT V8 is surely the best on the market today. The MGB GT V8 has a lot to distinguish itself from its lesser cousin, the MGB GT, not least the famous 3.5-litre aluminium block V8 engine, the lightest mass-production V8 in the world in its day, and its 137hp turning out performance to rival many a modern car. The engine is apparently capable of 0-60mph in 7.7 seconds and with a top speed of 125mph, modern traffic will probably have a job keeping up with it!

These were presented in the late 1960s and 1970s as one of the top British sports cars. This one has been curated magnificently. Its bodywork is flawless, with a rich deep shine to the paintwork. The car features the chrome bumpers which many people think are more classic-looking than the rubber ones which followed, and the large open sunroof adds another dimension to this car’s appeal.


This is a very stylish car – it’s not often we see such an upbeat shade of blue (‘Teal Blue’ to be exact) teamed so well with a tan interior, but MG achieved it with aplomb. And what an interior – thrilling to behold; plus a very comfortable seating position compared to many other MGs, with ample legroom even in the driver’s compartment.

The design of the seats is sporty, offering ample support for country lane driving, but also supremely comfortable, in keeping with an executive sports car. The colour combination of the interior itself is pure elegance, it gives the car a real upmarket feel, and the overall aesthetics, in combination with the well-proportioned instrument cluster, make climbing in a pleasure.

And that’s before you’ve pulled away. When I took this to be photographed I couldn’t stop smiling at the sound of the engine, yet another feature that makes this car incredibly special. It’s fast, it’s beautiful inside and out, the balance and handling of the car are exquisite, the torque is raucous, the sheer engineering brilliance of this car married with such styling mean this is one classic car whose appeal is certain to endure.

The car is accompanied by a voluminous and meticulous history file chronicling in minute detail just how much the last owner loved it.