1977 Triumph Stag Sports (Mark II)



Date first registered: 26.1.1977
VIN Chassis No.: LD42645A

It would be hard to find a better looking convertible than this Mark II Triumph Stag Sports. The car drives absolutely beautifully – the driving experience feels beter in many ways than a Mercedes, very upmarket interior in a powerful car, but all the hallmarks of classic motoring, the honesty of the drive, the unashamed roar of the engine, and the classic styling, which thanks to its Italian designer Michelotti has notes of 1960s Ferrari and Lancia to its sweeping lines.

The drive is greatly enhanced by fully independent suspension and power assisted steering, as well as servo-assisted front discs and rear drums.

No one can be in any doubt from the images that this car has enjoyed lavish expense over the years – the car is immaculate both inside and out. The chromework and trim are spot on without any pitting or bad points whatsoever.


One glance at the wheels shows the devotion that’s gone into maintaining the car to this standard. Shod with new tyres all round, and set off magnificently by the clean, sharp uncorroded arches and stainless steel sill protectors which rather than masking any rust were fitted to keep the car corrosion-free for many a year to come.

As with all Stags – and less than 18,000 ever went on the road in this country – the car is powered by the original V8 3-litre Triumph engine. We’re pleased to say this car features the 4-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, preferable in the opinion of many enthusiasts to the automatic Borg Warner boxes, which tend to be a little thirsty on fuel.

The fact that in Q2 2020 the DVLA had more than 8000 Stags in commission known to it shows just highly regarded they are amongst poeple who have owned them. And they aren’t found in much better condition than this one. The exterior is quite simply a thing of beauty – not many cars finished in white have such a timeless look to them – purposeful yet masses of stylistic flourishes.

Not least the interior, polished burr walnut dashboard with neat and clear dials, plush carpets, deep, comfortable, supportive seats, and electric windows. One distinguishing feature of this particular car is the fabulous premium sound system which has been installed at great expense at some point in the car’s charmed life. Other subtle customisations to the car such as the upgraded steering wheel and rims all contribute to the striking impression the car makes.

Amongst the meticulously-kept binder of paperwork are invoices for a new rear bumper (£675) and a set of brand new alloy wheels (£1379.80) in 2016 and the J-type manual overdrive gearbox conversion (£1050) in 2017, as well as details of the car’s hard-top renovation. The car comes with both renovated hard top and mohair fold-down roof – in perfect working order, of course.

We are convinced that whoever buys this magnificent classic will not be disappointed. We’ll leave the last word of our sales pitch to classicworld.co.uk, who they advise that,

“…with so many Stags out there to choose from, it’s best not to get hung up on any particular example…so buy on condition and be prepared to walk away…uprated options are available and increase the desirability of a Stag…choose something with the original Triumph engine, and we’d get one with the best body we could get. That’s the sort of Stag that will bring the highest return upon your investment in years to come…prices have finally started the upward swing which has been forecast for the last two decades. Buying now would be clever.”