1982 Porsche 928S Automatic




Date first registered: 17.3.1982
VIN Chassis No.: WP0ZZZ92ZCS840786

The DVLA claims there are less than 500 of these Porsche 928Ss remaining, and there can only be a handful in better condition than this. The last owner kept this 928S for nearly 30 years, although he admits he rarely took it out, happy enough to admire its looks over a cup of tea and a biscuit!

This particular car has just come out of long-term storage after several years. The paintwork is faultless and the uprated wheels have recently been refurbished for an impeccable appearance all round.

In suave but understated light metallic blue, or in brochure lingo, ‘azzuro chiaro metallizzato.’

The Porsche 928S leaves no one in doubt of its solid build quality – the car was galvanised and featured corrosion-proof aluminium doors, front wings and bonnet. Nowadays, the 928S is highly esteemed for its clean lines and simplicity of design.

These were much admired for their sleek aerodynamic looks in the 1980s, and performance wasn’t wanting either. Being the sports S version, the standard 4.5-litre 928 engine was upped to a 4.7-litre 296bhp powerhouse with sensational acceleration and top speed, even by today’s standards. This 928S is displaying just 79,000 genuine miles on the clock but drives like fresh out of the showroom.

This is a 928S automatic. Some people will pay a lot more for the rare manual version, but the dog-leg control is frowned upon by many as not being suited to righthand drive. The 3-speed automatic in this one makes for a very long-legged drive.

On the subject of long-leggedness, this feels a whole lot more roomy in the cabin than a 911. The caramel leather interior is in fine order, and all in all this is amongst the comfiest sports cars of the 1980s. Nice touches include heated electric seats and windows. Condition-wise there is no cracking whatsoever to the dashboard, though these were prone to sun damage; this one has a perfect dashboard.


It’s comfortable to drive – plenty of room – and it’s a sharp-handling car, as you’d expect for a premium sports model. And of course the beefy sound of the engine raring to be set free comes as standard.

Lavish power and beautiful handling, paired with a stylish interior, the driving experience is that of a genuine 1980s sports car. Add to that the car’s outstanding appearance, and this gentleman’s Porsche is ready to be savoured.