1990 Jaguar XJ6




First Registered: 16.1.1990
VIN Chassis No.: SAJJFALD3AA610771

This Jaguar has had only one former owner in its thirty years of being maintained to an extremely high standard. It has a warranted 48,206 miles on the clock and we believe it has been wax-oiled from new to have kept it in such rust-free condition.

As the photos show, the wheel arches are all very sharp and utterly free of any signs of corrosion whatsoever – very rare for these Jaguars actually. In short, this is one of the best XJ6s in terms of bodywork that we have seen to date. That’s not to say there’s anything else amiss here – the 4.0-litre inline 6-cylinder powerhouse sits in a squeaky clean engine bay, so clean in fact that the original stickers are still bright and clear, without any peeling.

The engine itself runs very impressively – after all this car was a top executive model – the car has awesome torque, yet with its automatic gearbox is beautifully smooth to drive – a total pleasure. Just sitting behind the wheel knowing everything is in first-class condition adds to the special feeling of driving this car.

And everything really is in astonishingly good order – all the trim, the rubber, fittings, the buttons are not at all worn, none of the vinyl is damaged or tired, the sunroof is in perfect working order, even the bonnet springs look like new. Including the Jaguar embossed Sheffield Steel toolbox. And no less than three genuine Jaguar spare keys!
The interior is in absolutely impeccable order. As well as the gloriously luxurious and comfortable unmarked biscuit leather seats, deep pile carpets, and finessed wood trim, this Jaguar features the most amazingly businesslike dashboard, full-featured but uncluttered, and all in all the car offers a fantastic executive driving experience.

We encourage interested parties to call rather than email on 07806 693878 as we expect strong demand for this majestic limousine.