Riley 4/72 Automatic



VIN Chassis No.:  RHS317825
First registered: 23.04.1964

Of the Farina range, this is the rarest of them all – the much-loved upmarket member of the BMC bunch. Because the sun actually came out for the first time all week, many of the pictures don’t do justice to just how striking this car looks close up – rich, deep pillar-box red!

The paintwork has a fantastic deep all-over shine, and there are no scratches, dents or signs of rust anywhere. The chrome trim is in outstanding condition too. The deep red colour-coordinated interior, with matching door cards and the jet black carpets make the car thrilling to climb into, and the walnut dashboard is very well laid out and charming to look at, as well as being free from any sun damage.

Its four-cylinder 1622cc engine runs sweetly. With this car being automatic, it’s so easy to drive, and gearchanges are silky smooth and timely. I took the long route home from photographing it because it is simply such a wonderful car, not only mechanically, but the whole driving experience – the driver’s controls, the car’s interior, and the solid feel to the car, not to mention the admiring looks of the general public.

The car also comes with an extensive history file.

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