1963 Morris Minor 1000




Chassis Number: MA2S5D-1015939
First Registered: 22.04.1963

The Morris Minor was designed by the same Alec Issigonis who designed the Mini, and in its time it sold just as well, if not better. That helps explain why the  Morris Minor is such a beautiful iconic car, as beloved today as it always was. When we photographed it in the car, a constant stream of admirers came up and told me how lovely it looked.

The colour and trim of this one are particularly likeable, but it’s difficult to put your finger on any one feature – everything about this car is first-rate. There’s something about the Morris Minor that just makes people happy – the jazzed-up 1950s look in a car that’s amazing fun to drive, the cosy, minimalist interior, the honest and bullet-proof A-series engine – and with this one being in such outstanding condition we expect it be snapped up very quickly.

The interior is lovely – the roof lining is spotless, the seats are comfortable, the carpets are immaculate, the dashboard is in nigh-perfect condition. The exterior is also excellent, especially the chromework, and the rubber is also outstanding. The arches, sills and underside, and the engine bay needs to be seen to be believed!

The 1098cc engine and 4-speed gearbox are bombproof in general with the Morris Minor and this particular car is no exception, this car keeps up with modern traffic without any problem whatsoever. The Morris Minor is possibly the most classic of all classics, and this one here is up there with the best of them!

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