1964 Riley 4/72 (Manual)



First Registered: 02.04.1964
VIN Chassis No.: RHS316515

Craner Classics are now offering this stunning Riley 4/72 in two-tone Almond Green. The Riley 4/72 was the best of all the Farina range. with twin carburettors giving better performance and the plush leather interior giving everything an executive look and the wooden dashboard cluster surround all in focus for the driver and giving the car a prestigious look and feel.

The dashboard in this particular model is excellent without any sun damage. The rest of the interior presents extremely well, as does the car throughout. For those of you that have never owned one of these, to read in this car is sheer luxury. The suspension is fantastic, the seats are really deep and accommodating, and the steering and general drive is very tight.

Underneath the bonnet the engine bay is scrupulously clean – we have no doubt that throughout its life the car has been fastidiously maintained to a high standard. The engine itself is the 1622cc four-cylinder version, whose 68hp means it has no problem holding its own on modern roads. The gearbox gives precise and smooth gearchanges, and together they give no cause for complaint.

The exterior is glorious, and the car presents as a true classic should, with real depth of colour set off by excellent chromework and trim, and these Rileys really were stylishly designed, far beyond the rest of the Farina range. There are well under one hundred of these 4/72s registered with the DVLA today, and we don’t doubt for a minute that whoever ends up with this one will be happy and proud indeed.