1964 Series I Humber Sceptre




First Registered: 1.03.1964
VIN Chassis No.: B31113330DHS0

Craner Classics are delighted to offer this rare Series I Humber Sceptre. They very rarely come up for sale. This one is in Sage Green and Dove Grey and is a very fine example with lovely paintwork and rust-free wheel arches which are sharp and solid. It looks cracking in this two-tone colour combination, and the chromework is in fine order. This really is a very eye-catching piece of motoring history and very rarely seen today.

The car features a very impressive interior, being the family sportscar of the 1960s, and the unusual dashboard with its four clocks was a major feature back in the 60s. The roof lining has lasted very well, and the seats are all in marvellous condition.
Ride quality is very comfortable and smooth.

The 1600cc engine and gearbox – complete with overdrive for better top end – both perform beutifully, and the car has no problem whatsoever keeping up with modern traffic, quite an amazing feat considering the car’s age.

These Humber Sceptres have become very popular over the past few years as people who remember them want good examples of cars that were much loved in that era. This is one such excellent example.