1966 MG 1100




Just arrived, this stunning colour combination MG 1100. The MG family of cars were very popular back in the 1960s and seen all over our British roads, but sadly increasingly rarely seen today. Nevertheless they hold a dear position in the classic car world as a very characteristic and fondly-remembered car.

VIN Chassis No: GAS3/105650
First registered: 11.07.1966

The MG 1100 was a very reliable family car, and this one is very comfortable to drive and still keeps up with modern traffic. The 1100cc engine is very responsive and smooth running and the four-speed manual gearbox still performs faultless.

Attention to detail shows the car has been well looked-after, for instance the engine bay is very clean, and the interior and dashboard are both immaculately presented and fit in well with the overall charming character of the car.

The car still bears its original dealer plaque on the driver’s door!