1967 Vauxhall Victor 101




Chassis Number: FCE7155133
First Registered: 01.05.1967

A real classic American-inspired British car. This car is blessed with a very striking appearance, and its fundamentals are all great. The exterior still retains all the charm and character of a stylish 1960s family man’s car; it’s still in very solid condition, and to find one in such good order today is quite unique as these were prone to rust before people realised how precious they are!

The pictures of the arches show real sharp edges, and free from corrosion. The chromework is excellent, as is the rest of the trim, and the lights look clear and bright at dusk. The engine bay is sparkling clean with a first-class engine and gearbox.

The interior is in immaculate condition – the seats, which are very comfortable, the carpets, the door cards, the roof lining – everything is utterly fabulous, as can be seen from the pictures. I especially like the bright interior light in the middle of the car. The dashboard and instrument panel harp back to a great age when everything about cars was functional, and again, the trim, vinyl and chromework and all in outstanding form.

All in all this is a stunning example of a magical car from an epic era in British motoring history. Anyone viewing will very likely fall as deeply in love with it as we have.

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