1969 Morris Oxford



1969 Morris Oxford

VIN Chassis No.: MHS6D229188M
First regeistered: 15.10.1969

This is one of the finest examples of a Morris Oxford we’ve seen in many years. The bodywork, in Oxford Blue, is absolutely pristine without any scuffs, marks or rust bubbles. The arches are rock solid and completely free of any corrrosion, and the chromework is outstanding, looking like it’s been recently re-chromed.

The interior is in similar fine form, the dashboard really is a work of art, and the seats, roof lining and door cards are also marvellously well-preserved. Getting into the car really is like stepping back in time, a time long before today’s dull grey plastic took over the world.

Mechanically this Morris Oxford is impeccable. The 1622cc four-cylinder engine with its twin carbs performs excellently – one of the quietest engines you’ll ever find in a car of this age. The four-speed synchromesh gearbox gives good solid, decisive gear changes and everything works as it was meant to, all in all giving a thoroughly enjoyable driving experience.

The car also comes with an extensive history file.

Please forgive us the large number of photographs we took, we really were deeply impressed by the condition of this car. This Morris Oxford will make who ever buys it a very proud owner of a quite outstanding piece of motoring history.

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