Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole



There is no Ferrari like a red Ferrari, and this particular Mondial Quattrovalvole is in outstanding condition throughout. The deep Corsa Red paintwork is set off excellently by the black trim on this rare model, and as the photos show this striking design has stood the test of time admirably.

VIN Chassis No.: ZFFLD14C000054521

First registered: 1985

Mileage:                  56,500

What we particularly admire about this Ferrari, apart from its thrilling performance, is the spaciousness and yet intimacy of the cabin. The seats are very plush for a sports car, and whole cabin feels very spacious, unlike many other sports cars.

The Quattrovalvole designation refers to the 235hp 3.0-litre V8 engine’s 4-valves per cylinder, and together with the dog-leg 5-speed manual transmission it delivers utterly outrageous acceleration rivalling pretty much anything on the road even today, a mind-boggling thirty-five years after the car was first produced. Even as I write this it’s hard to believe the car was made so long ago.

The car has obviusly been much cherished by its last owner who kept it for 13 years. Five minutes in this car will leave you in no doubt whatsoever that the prancing horse on the Ferrari badge is a true thoroughbred.

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