Hillman Super Minx




VIN Chassis No.: B140130078HHS0
First registered: 19.8.1965

This is one of, if not the best, Hillman Super Minxes I have ever seen, surely one of only a handful remaining in this condition. With lovely paintwork in Alabaster and rock solid wheel arches and sills, as well as excellent chromework, the exterior is quite remarkable for a car of this age. It always gives me a great feeling when a classic car looks as good as this, because it’s usually a good sign that everything else is in good order.

That’s certainly the case with the car’s running gear. The 1592cc engine is magnificent, running smoothly and responsively and not showing its age at all. The 4-speed manual gearbox delivers crisp and smooth changes and together they make for a car easily able to keep up with the traffic on modern roads, capable of around 80mph.

The interior has been beautifully refurbished, right down to the lovely new deep-pile carpets and the car retains all its original charm and style. The various buttons and switches are largely unworn, so all the writing below the instrument switches is still crisp and clear.

It is also a very comfortable car to ride in. These Super Minxes were larger, upmarket versions of the original Hillman Minx, a well-respected family car, and this one is the later facelift Mark 3 model. A well-preserved and authentic piece of motoring history.