Morris Ten Four Series II



This Morris Ten Four Series 2 has recently become part of our collection and is a fine example of a 1930s Morris luxury saloon. The Morris Ten Four was pitched as a slightly larger version of Morris’s other offerings of the time, with wider wheels and larger section tyres and a longer and lower body with more folding luggage space than the others.

VIN Chassis No: GT/TN103964
First registered: 8.5.1937

Amongst the car’s refinements are Lockheed hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and a rear-wheel handbrake incorporating a mechanical linkage. The car’s suspension was via long semi-elliptic springs both front and rear with Armstrong hydraulic shock absorbers, all of which make for a very premium ride.

Electrical fittings were upgraded with the Series II to include a foot-operated switch to dip or raise the headlights, and the electric windscreen wiper was another new feature. The car’s semaphore indicators still illuminate and work perfectly, controlled from the steering wheel, and tucking away neatly into the body of the car when not in use.

This particular example features the Magna Easyclean wheels, which were originally offered as a no-extra-cost option, and these particular ones have recently been powder-coated and fitted with fresh tyres.

The Times reported that the Series II “offers ample space for four large persons and unusually good headroom.” It was also mentioned that passengers were given a high view useful when touring.

The 1292cc four cylinder engine is paired with a manual four-speed synchromesh gearbox and they deliver excellently, and altogether this fine Morris provides an authentic 1930s touring experience.