Welcome to Craner Classic Cars – home of rejuvenated, marvellously preserved and completely overhauled chariots of yesteryear. Not that all of our cars are vintage or half-century Sceptres and Rovers – nowadays Cortinas and Preludes from the 1980s and 1990s form part of the collection as another generation learns to cherish cars they maybe didn’t appreciate first time round.

There are all sorts of reasons classic vehicles are so in demand today. Many were built to be much more durable than many of today’s cars, and often the standard of engineering was so high that the cars have stood the test of time admirably.

Whether our customers remember being ferried around in a classic car as a youngster, or drove one of these marvellous vehicles many years ago, or perhaps have always driven cars such as these, they all appreciate the satisfaction of driving a car that was built to last.

So few people owned cars all those years ago that it was in manufacturers’ interests to build them solidly – hence a reputation for reliability and durability, whereas nowadays if cars lasted this long the manufacturers would all have gone bust years ago!

The sturdy seats, the thick steel of the panels, the straightforwardness of the engines, the rich bold colour schemes – the cars of the classic era all seem so honest, so sensible, so elegant compared with many of today’s offerings. And the materials used in the cars’ interiors add to the allure – whether real wood or veneer, thick leather hide or tough vinyl, the pure functionality of so many cars from years gone by adds to the magic.

And it’s a magic we at Craners take pleasure in preserving and sharing. Here at Craners we’re glad to carry on the tradition of classic cars, as we have done successfully now for more than forty years. And loved every minute of it.


Craner Classics is a company born of a love of cars, vans, bikes and…well, anything that has an engine. Our founders have been in the automobile industry for well over 40 years, and with a combined experience of more than one hundred years, not many can match the expertise and knowledge we have to offer.

We are so proud of our motoring heritage that we decided to name the company after a famous corner at Castle Donington Racetrack, one of the oldest and most well-known circuits in the UK. Like our namesake, we too have stood the test of time.

As far as our personal corner of the motoring world goes, all our vehicles are serviced and valeted to a high standard, and are not only roadworthy but have been selected personally by our founders to ensure the highest quality secondhand cars you can find. Starting with the odd one or two cars here and there, we now offer everything from classics to modern classics to current production models. Cars, bikes, vans, and everything in between can be found here at Craner Classics.

We even offer a ‘seeker’ service (contact us for more info), so if you can’t find the car you’re looking for just let us know and we’ll make it our mission get you the vehicle you want.

We like to do things differently here at Craners, as we know and fully appreciate that not everyone can make it to us to collect their vehicle. Hence we offer a UK-wide delivery service. Choose the car you like, call us with any questions you may have, come and see us (if you’re local) or we’ll come to see you.

It’s the combination of the right cars and the right people that has helped Craner grow to the respectable and trusted dealership we are today. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and a smile on our faces, so you will always feel welcome and at ease when purchasing your classic car. Craner Classics is steeped in history and experience – we take great pleasure in sharing that with other classic car lovers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

See you soon.

British Motoring Tradition

Our business would never have been possible without the magnificent contribution made to motoring history by such companies as Morris, Riley and Austin and the geniuses who in the early part of the twentieth century invested their time, money and effort in making British carmaking what it was when many of our cars were produced.

The trusty A-series engine which features in many of BMCs cars or the revered 3500cc Rover engine which was Austin’s flagship engine throughout the 1970s and beyond have made it so much easier for us to restore and maintain our cars.

Many of the companies who help restore our cars to such a high standard have been able to specialise and excel thanks to many of the engines often being so similar, whether in Rileys, Morrises, and Austins, or in bigger powerhouses such as those found in Jaguars. And of course engines were a lot less complicated in those days although just as if not more reliable. Our customers often tell us how delighted their elderly mechanic was to discover he would get to service an engine he knew inside out all those years ago.


1970 Wolseley 16/60

VIN: WHS3 93256M First Registered: 1.2.1970 Craner Classics now present this marvellously-preserved Wolseley 16/60 in Burgundy Red. The car boasts excellent bodywork all round – a fabulously rust-free example with solid and sharp wheel arches to prove it. The first-rate condition of the wheel linings, as seen in the photographs, is testament to the overall …

MG Magnette Farina – 7 left in the UK!!!

And it’s automatic – this car is very soon to go on sale on Craner Classics.Now incredibly rare – only seven of these are registered with the DVLA Complete with BorgWarner auto box – world leaders in automatic transmissions then as now, and, and, and…wax-oiled too!

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Feel free to send us an email, but for a quick response we recommend simply calling by phone, especially if it’s about a car on sale on the site, as it can take time for us to respond to emails…